The shingles on your roof have survived the winter weather and the hail storms this year and spring is around the corner. Rather than wait for a weather disaster it might be time to be proactive and protect your home from any potential future damage. Your shingles are the first line of defense to weather related damage of the entire structure.

If you are in the decision-making stage you might want to take a few factors into consideration when it comes to selecting what to install on your roof. You want to be satisfied with not only curb appeal but suitability, reliability and stability in the type of material you choose.

Shingles Where You Live

Where you live is the first deciding factor. If you are in a humid, rainy area wood shingles are not the number one choice. Cold climates might not be suitable for fiberglass asphalt shingles as they can lose flexibility during windy weather.

If you have lots of taller trees around your home tile shingles might not be a good choice as tile roofs are prone to damage from impact of falling branches and debris. Slate or metal roofing materials need a sturdy home structure to support their weight so the type of structure and surrounding environments are a deciding factor too.

Choices For Colorado

In Colorado hail season can beat up asphalt shingles but there is a hail proof alternative to that. There is finally a roofing shingle that stands up to hail. The new F-Wave REVIA™ premium synthetic roofing shingles come with a class 4 hail warranty. It is amazing that they are rated up to 130-mph wind speeds with a Class A fire rating.

After installation there is a 5-year hail resistance warranty. The new F-Wave REVIA™ shingles are 2.5 times stronger than leading asphalt shingles. They contain no granules or asphalt, which means they will never become brittle. This might be the answer if you are a Colorado resident and considering replacing your shingles this year.

There Are Many Options

There is a wide array of different roofing types, designs and roofing systems including asphalt, concrete tiles, stone coated steel, standing seam metal, and all types of flat roofing systems. Your roofing specialist will be able to give you qualified information on what works best in your geographical area. It is best to partner with your commercial or residential roofing company to replace your roof with the shingles you decide on to maximize the longevity of your roof and the stability of your home. We have lots of visualizer tools at your disposal so you can really see the outcome and make an informed decision.