Hail can get really big in Colorado. The state record, according to the Colorado Climate Center was a whopping grapefruit-size 4.5”. Now we all know Colorado is a hail-prone state, from April 14 through September 15. But June appears to be is the most destructive months for hail storms. 

The truth is no matter how small the size of the hail is, it causes damage. You know how many dents it causes to your car, but are you as aware of other areas around your home that have sustained damage? Be proactive and have some safeguards in place, better to be safe than sorry!

Safeguard Your Property

Homeowners need to plan and prepare for hail season. The weather is going to happen no matter what, but we can be ready for small impact damage that can be easily remedied. Simple step is to clean the gutters of debris. Why? So that the hail can accumulate and not clog the gutters to cause a backup. This can lead to accumulate water on the roof that can cause leaks or moisture damage.     

The trees around your home also need to be trimmed so broken branches do not become flying debris that can cause windows to break, cause damage to siding or roof shingles. In this case, you have to think of everything in advance to protect your property. 

In the event, there are warnings make sure to walk around the house clearing anything, furniture, or ornaments that can be thrown around causing damage if the wind picks up. It might be advisable to close drapes if a hail storm kicks up to protect the interior in case a window breaks.

How Important is The Roof?

Probably offering the most protection from hail, the integrity of your roof is super important here! If you have already invested in new F-Wave REVIA™ premium synthetic roofing shingles that come with a class 4 hail warranty you are all set. Because, when your roof is compromised, your whole home is susceptible to damage during storms. 

Having your roof inspected prior to hail season is worth its weight in gold. Don’t shy away from or put off an inspection due to cost. Protect your home and set up an inspection this week because you do not want to be in the midst of storm season with a roof that is compromised. All good roofing companies have options and can partner with you to make sure your home is protected. The good part is that a professional inspection will reveal if there are any weak spots in your roofing system. This is all about the protection of your investment.

After the Hail Storm

Assess the damage after a hailstorm and document anything you can physically see. If there is visible damage, take photos and notify your insurance agent immediately.  Be sure to capture every angle of damage. Call your roofing company to come out to provide a professional opinion of on costs and provide an inspection and estimate. This can be helpful to give you and your agent an accurate overall cost of damage. Remember that we at Priority Restoration are here for you to asst in any way to make things run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. That’s our Priority Promise to you.