Is your roof prepared? Colorado hail season is upon us, again! As in most areas prone to natural disasters, homeowners dread the season that is most active for each particular region. Every homeowner though, who has chosen the F-Wave Revia Shingles to re-roof, can breathe a sigh of relief because there is finally a roofing shingle that stands up to hail. So, if you decide you do not want to submit another hail claim, let’s introduce you to the shingle that is changing the way homeowners worry about their investment.

What Makes a Hailstorm?

When weather conditions are right strong currents of rising air take droplets of water up so high, they freeze and grow large enough to reach the ground. The stronger the updraft the larger the hail. Eventually the thunderstorms updraft cannot support the weight of the hailstone when it becomes large enough, and then it comes thundering down, on cars, roofs, anything exposed outdoors. This weather phenomena is nothing more than solid precipitation. reveals that the average velocity of a falling hailstone is approximately 106 miles an hour.

Now that’s a bit scary, especially when hail can be accompanied by winds up to 130 miles per hour. They also note that the largest hailstone in the United States recorded was in 2010 in Vivian, South Dakota. This whopper was 8 inches in diameter, 18.5 inches in circumference, and weighed approximately two pounds.

Hail Strike has carefully developed a tool that “grades” a storm and then assigns a SCORE to help analyze violent storms. Several conditions and dynamics are taken in to affect in order to provide clear data. You can access the chart and interesting data here at the Hail Strike website.

Spotlight on F-Wave REVIA™

Recent years have brought new and improved advances in the shingle industry. F-Wave Shingles is the latest company to revolutionize the shingle by offering a superior product. This product combines the many benefits from other common shingle materials but this one stands up to hail. The new F-Wave REVIA™ premium synthetic roofing shingles come with a class 4 hail warranty and a full selection of residential, synthetic shingles and residential slate shingles.

Review this innovative product in depth at F-Wave Roofing site. The company describes F-Wave REVIA premium synthetic residential roofing shingles as far superior to traditional asphalt laminates, wood shake or slate. The secret is a commercial-grade polymer that makes the shingles stronger, lighter, and easier to install and maintain. Available in a variety of popular colors and classic styles, the shingles have the same beautiful curb appeal as traditional shingles and roofing tiles. But with the ability to withstand high winds, Class 4 hail and other extreme weather, they’re designed to outperform any other shingle on the market. All this and guaranteed for 50 years.

With Priority Restoration you Can Experience the Difference with F-Wave REVIA™

If you live anywhere in the state of Colorado, Priority Restoration is ready to help make your investment hail resistant. If you are considering replacing your shingles this year, consider the new F-Wave REVIA™ premium synthetic roofing shingle and get more out of your roofing investment. Contact Priority Restoration today and we can assist you to determine the best color that will define your home and redefine our planet.

Remember that Priority Restoration offers our excellent services throughout the state of Colorado and has always served and traveled from Denver to Pueblo, Boulder to Castle Rock, we are available wherever our services are needed.

*Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay