If you have commercial property in Denver you are aware of the damage from hail storms Denverite’s have experienced in the past. In order to protect your investment commercial roof repairs should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage below. Any roof situated in ‘Hail Alley’ deserves to be treated with the most efficient products designed especially for Denver weather and multiple hail storm activity.

In an article in Discovery Magazine, “Come summer every year, a large swath of the country braces for hail. Known as Hail Alley, the region stretching from Wyoming to Texas receives more hailstorms, and more severe ones, compared to other parts of the country.”

How Old is The Commercial Property?

If your commercial property has not recently been built it probably does not have newer roofing material technology. If a hailstorm hits it is best to inspect and review to bring the roof to current standards and more resistant to possible future hail damage.

Another contributing factor is wind. If high winds are involved, they cause the hailstones to hit at a higher rate of speed possibly causing more damage. The wind can also cause trees and limbs to dislodge and contribute to further issues.

Accompanying rain can contribute to problems below the roof that can cause rain and snow melt to into the structure below. We all know the problems inside moisture can spawn, mold and wood rot are a possible after effect from roof damage in a commercial structure. But it is preventable with regular maintenance and roof inspections.

Insurance Claims

Dealing with an insurance company can be personally time consuming and frustrating for any commercial business. At Priority Restoration our commercial division has years of experience working on large construction sites and are prepared to work with an insurance claim and an adjustor with any Statement of Loss.

Multi-dwelling Property Management

In addition to servicing residential homes, Priority Restoration also provides maintenance for multi-dwelling properties such as apartments, condominiums, and senior living facilities. We specialize in roof and siding repairs and gutter leaks. In addition to work done on a per-project basis, we also offer annual Service Maintenance Plans that include routine roof, siding, and gutter inspections and preventative maintenance, all included for one low annual fee*. Take the worry and hassle out of maintaining the exterior of your properties by calling Priority Restoration today at (303) 660-5133.

We Are Local Denver, And Here For You!

Protecting your valuable commercial property is important. Maintaining it is equally important. At Priority Restoration and we strive to protect the investment you and your business have made. We understand that your commercial building is one of your biggest, most valuable investments.

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