Is it time to replace your roof? Denver roofing companies work around the weather pretty much year-round even though roofing projects peak most in early spring through the fall. If there is an indication you will need a new roof from any type of wear, customers often schedule early in spring time to get the project underway early on.

No matter what season if damage is suspected an inspection should be scheduled as soon as convenient. If you have detected warning signs such as missing shingles, curling or find granules around the perimeter of the home, you might want an immediate professional scheduled inspection. If the age of the roof warrants replacement it’s a good idea to get in early in the spring. It is so much better to schedule instead of waiting for a roofing emergency to happen.

Professional Inspection is Being Proactive

No one wants to wait till a new roof becomes an urgent situation, you want it planned and not be under stress. A leak can become an emergency, but most commercial and residential home and business owners like to be sure that the roof is stable. Being proactive is getting that inspection appointment BEFORE dire straits, and an annual inspection guarantees against a surprise emergency roof repair, unless it becomes storm related.

Working with Priority Restoration, planning a yearly inspection, extends the life of the roof by completing any minor repairs as they happen, and cuts down on any unplanned major expenditures.

No Matter What Any Weatherman Predicts

So, the answer on when is the best time to replace your roof varies in Colorado. Winter does give a homeowner an edge because roofing companies are a bit slower in Denver. Materials and scheduling availability opens up wide and enables a crew to jump in and work around weather conditions.

Springtime offers somewhat better weather, but the rain presents another complex issue and can result in longer installation timelines. Rainy springtime weather slows down a bit later on, so it might be best to consider May or June scheduled install appointments.

Summers can sometimes be very hot and humid though the weather becomes more consistent. Early summer can be a super busy time for roofers in Colorado so getting that appointment schedule locked in is ideal.

Fall! The weather conditions can be perfect! But most homeowners put off as long as possible the project, then realize winter is around the corner. This makes many roofing companies planned project slots limited. It’s a good tip to consider planning early if you need a roof replaced, then lock in the appointment for a fall installation project.

The bottom line is to be proactive, schedule an inspection and contact Priority Restoration so we can discuss what’s going to work best for you and your roof, then plan accordingly.