It might be time for homeowners to complete a visual roof inspection before winter. If you have a home in Colorado, you know that seasonal changes precipitate expansion and contraction of roofing shingles as the weather rapidly changes from hot to cold. Winter freezes and snow melts form ice dams causing your roof shingles to possibly unseal. There is a lot going on up top of your home as the roof protects it from the weather, but you can stay on top of “winter” by just implementing a few cautionary measures up front before the ice and snow take over.

It’s important to protect the investment you have in the roof system of your home and commercial property. Colorado homeowners and business owners can prepare for the unwanted effects from the freeze and thaw cycle by just following a few tried and true measures that can prevent further damage.

First: Inspection For Existing Damage

It’s important to inspect your roof for cracks, storm damage, loose shingles, and leaks before winter sets in.
This can usually be done by ground level inspection looking for loose shingles and checking gutter and downspout backup. Need confirmation of roof stability? The Colorado Roofing Association recommends hiring a professional local roofing contractor to perform inspection and maintenance of the roof. This is the best way of ensuring the roofing system is in good shape while protecting the safety of the homeowner.

The Colorado Roofing Association was established in 1978 with a commitment is to “Promote the ethics, education, and image of the roofing industry throughout the State of Colorado through the actions of its members.”

Second: Clean Debris

A professional roofing contractor like Priority Restoration Inc can assist in making a no-obligation comprehensive roof inspection to ensure debris is not lodged in areas not visible from the ground.

Fall season deposits leaves, pine needles, branches or other debris onto roofs. This debris contains acidity that can stick to and break down your shingles prematurely. It also can prevent your roof from draining rain and snow accumulation during the winter. Build up on the surface of shingles allows ice to accumulate, possibly unsealing shingles, and loosening the flashings.

Third: Gutters

A clogged gutter serves no purpose than to damage property. Rain and melted snow that cannot drain can lead to a buildup of standing water. Standing water can manifest as interior leaks and shorten the lifespan of your roof. Extra weight of debris and water can destroy the gutters or tear them away from the roof connection. A common area that deserves closer attention are the inside corners or your soffit, under the gutters, and the gutter itself.

Fourth: Attic Insulation and Ventilation

Proper attic insulation evenly distributes heat. If heat escapes, it will buildup underneath the roofing material. Improper attic ventilation allows heat to be trapped inside your attic that can turn into condensation. This type of situation results in ice dams during thaws or can eventually grow mold.

The exterior of your roof interacts with the gutters and the interior of your roofing system interacts with your insulation at the attic. If there is not proper airflow, you could face additional problems manifested by high energy costs, moisture build up or premature aging of your roofing system.
Always check for signs of animal activity that can occur in poorly insulated attic spaces. Be sure there is no pooling of dripping water around your HVAC unit or along any of the roof trusses or decking wood. The vents should always remain unobstructed.

Damage Prevention

This simple winter inspection seasonal checklist can ensure problems don’t occur and prevent damage by addressing problems before they have a chance to arise. Every roof is the first line of defense for each and every structure and should be given careful attention. Early preventative measures are less costly and easier to implement, than a repair addressing damage after it occurs.

Your roofing specialists at Priority Restoration Inc, where your satisfaction is our top priority, are always available to inspect, install, and assist both homeowners and commercial customers with all their roofing needs.