Hail Season

During the past year, the Castle Rock, CO area has had 33 hail reports and has been under severe weather warnings 30 times. What does this mean? There has never been a better time to invest in a roof inspection and upgrade.

Hail Damage

What kind of havoc can hail wreak on your roof? Hail can cause damage like dents, dings, cracks, and splatter marks which can all shorten the lifespan of your roof, leading to eventual full roof replacements.

Detecting hail damage on your roof involves several key indicators. Begin by examining your gutters and downspouts for dents or dimples, as these could indicate roof damage. Additionally, check for clogged or overflowing gutters, as this may suggest granule loss from the shingles. Lastly, look for any dents or marks on your siding, as they could also be signs of roof damage.

How to Make Your Roof Hail Resistant

While you can’t control the weather, you can control the kind of material you protect your roof with. The new F-Wave REVIA premium synthetic roofing shingles are the most hail-resistant roofing material yet. They have a class 4 hail warranty, are rated up to 130 mph wind speeds, and have a class A fire rating. These shingles also are installed with a 5-year hail resistance warranty.

They are 2.5 times stronger than leading asphalt shingles and they don’t contain any granules or asphalt, which means they are much less susceptible to breakage.

Get more out of your roofing investment by making your house hail-resistant with the new and premium synthetic F-Wave REVIA™ shingles. Ensure you’re ready for any weather as we head into the Winter season.

Choose Someone Who Knows the Process

Already experienced hail damage to your roof? Don’t sweat! When a storm wreaks havoc on your home, repairs can range from minor inconveniences to major emotional setbacks.

Upon arrival at a storm-damaged property, Priority Restoration conducts a thorough inspection and documents all areas of damage. We provide a fair and accurate estimate for repair costs and assist you throughout the insurance claim process. Once the insurance claim is finalized, our dedicated team prioritizes repairing your property. Our goal is to secure the necessary funds from your insurance company, enabling you to recover lost equity and restore your home to its former condition.

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