It’s the holiday season and that means it’s time to put up decorations! If you’re planning on hanging holiday lights, read on for a few tips on prep, safety, and how to prevent any damage to your home.

Prep and Planning

Before you ever set foot on the ladder, make sure you have everything you’ll need prepped and ready to go. Check your lights first, making sure they’re untangled and ready to go up so you’re not fiddling with them while you’re on the ladder. Plug them in to be sure they turn on, and if there are any broken or missing light bulbs, replace them before you head up the ladder.

Another prep tip: before you think about hanging your lights – clean your gutters! The best way to ensure your lighting stays up all season is to ensure your gutters are cleared out. Clogged gutters cause all sorts of problems, so save yourself the trouble and clean them out before the decorations go up!

You can read more about why clean gutters are important here: Scary Ways Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your Home


To avoid a catastrophe, check all your equipment before you start – especially the ladder! Check to make sure it’s stable, tall enough to reach your roof, and that you plant it on even, solid ground. Your best option is to have a buddy there to help you through the entire process.

It may be tempting, but it’s best to avoid walking on your roof at all costs. Your roof is built to put up with a lot, but they aren’t generally designed to be walked on, especially by someone who isn’t trained to do so without causing damage. Trust us, roof damage is not worth any kind of decoration in the long run.

Speaking of not damaging your roof, we recommend leaving any heavy or bulky decor items on the lawn. Not only is the weight, not a good idea, but leaving these items on your roof may make it more vulnerable to damage and moisture.

Roof-Friendly Lighting Options

Now it’s time for the fun part! When it comes to attaching strings of lights, one of the safest things to use is plastic clips. Not only are these a practical and affordable option, but they won’t harm your roof shingles or gutters. Another affordable and safe option is zip ties.

If you’re looking to go another route, consider magnet lights. These look just like your traditional holiday lights, but they attach magnetically to exterior features that are made of iron-based metal. Pro tip: test your gutters and eaves with a magnet before purchasing to ensure they will stick!

What NOT To Do

There are lots of options when it comes to putting up holiday lights, but we do NOT recommend nailing or stapling anything to your home. This can not only cause damage to your shingles, but it creates more holes for moisture to get in which can lead to leaks.

On top of creating opportunities for rain and moisture to leak in, shingles are not a good anchor point for decorations. They aren’t meant to bear weight which means attaching anything to them could lead to breakage or even being pulled off the roof entirely. We recommend sticking to plastic clips, zip ties, or magnet lights.

Protect Your Roof This Holiday Season

Before you start hanging your holiday lights this season, consider having your roof inspected AND your gutters cleaned by the Priority Restoration team! We can ensure everything is in the best shape possible and ready for the holiday season! Book a free inspection by clicking here!