The Winter weather here in Colorado has been really ramping up, and the snow and ice can cause some serious roof damage. So, we’re bringing you some winter roof maintenance tips to help you keep your home in the best possible shape through the cold winter months.

Remove Snow Buildup

First and foremost – make sure you’re regularly inspecting your roof throughout the Winter months. If possible – plan ahead and conduct inspections before snow or ice storms are predicted to roll through. This way, you can stay on top of things and identify any weak spots or damaged shingles before the hazardous weather makes things worse.

The other thing you want to do when conducting inspections is to remove any buildup of snow. Do your best not to let it accumulate on your roof because the longer it sits the more problems it can cause:

  • Ice and snow create heavy weight on your roof that can lead to major damage
  • Ice dams can form when the ice or snow melts then re-hardens causing blockage in your gutters and can even cause your shingles to loosen

Keep Gutters and Downspouts Clear of Debris

We talk about the importance of cleaning your gutters in another post, but it’s especially important in the Winter time to ensure gutters, downspouts, and flashing are all clear of debris. Snow and ice will stick to any debris like leaves, pine needles, or other grime and can lead to rot, leaks, and even structural damage.

Insulate Your Attic

How your attic performs is directly linked to your roof which is why it’s vital that your attic has good insulation and ventilation to protect your home from the Winter elements. Not to mention it can cut costs on utility bills, as well.

To conduct an attic inspection, ensure there are clear routes for ventilation and that your insulation is sufficient.

Be Aware of Wind Damage

Along with the snow and ice of winter storms also comes wind. Wind can cause just as much damage to your home as any precipitation.

If a big storm has just hit your area, it’s important to inspect your roof for any signs of wind damage which can include:

  • Missing, broken, or damaged shingles
  • Damaged gutters
  • Other damaged roof materials

If not handled properly, the effects of wind damage can result in leaks and buildup of mold and mildew.

Hire Professionals to Handle Your Roof Maintenance

Before another Winter storm sets in, call Priority Restoration Inc. today and we can conduct a full inspection to ensure the integrity of your roof. Enjoy a worry-free Winter and call us today.