Frequently Asked Questions

My insurance company told me I should get three estimates. Why did they tell me that?

They want you to get three estimates and then hopefully choose the lowest one. The one that is lowest is not always best. In fact, it is normally the worst. If you have an insurance claim, your three bids should be the same; whatever your deductible amount is. Use this opportunity to “interview” three roofing companies and pick the one you feel most comfortable with and will do the best job for you. Your insurance company should pay for it as long as it is an honest price.

If my insurance company gives me $20,000 for my claim and I get a bid from a roofer for $16,000, doesn’t that mean I get to keep the difference?

No! If your roofer is honest and ethical, they have to send a bill to your insurance company for the amount they charged you. Once the insurance company sees that you only paid $16K, they will withhold or even ask for the other $4,000 back.

I had three other roofers tell me that they would cover my deductible. Why are you going to charge me for it?

First, it is a class III felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison and up to a $50K fine for BOTH the roofer AND the homeowner for committing insurance fraud. Is that worth $1,000?

Second, where do you think that contractor is taking the difference from? Definitely not the profit! They will either pay less for materials or labor. Is it worth cutting corners and also saving your insurance company money?

Instead, what we can offer you is a fee for referring friends and neighbors or free upgrades.

My roofer told me that they aren’t BBB accredited, is that ok?

There was a time that we weren’t accredited either. That didn’t make us a bad company. One thing the BBB does for you with an accredited business is that they make sure the company’s contract and operations are in line with the law and other best practices. Ask a lot of questions!

My contractor says they need a deposit to “solidify the contract”. Is that normal?

NO! Your contractor should not take any money from you until they AT LEAST deliver materials for your job. And even then, they should never take more from you than what you have been paid by your insurance company so far.

I heard on the news that I should NEVER hire a roofer that knocks on doors. Is that true?

Not necessarily. It’s an unfortunate part of the business, but it is how most new business comes in. In a field of over 2,000 roofing companies in the Denver Metro, it is hard to stand out solely from advertising. Some companies still knocks on doors. We do! We also get a lot of calls and referrals. Knocking on doors doesn’t make you a good or bad company. It’s how you pitch to your customer, your integrity, your honesty, and how you follow through that matters.

Should I sign a contract right away?

You should do whatever you feel is right. If the contractor doesn’t pressure you for money and you are comfortable with them, go for it! Those contracts are not enforceable in Colorado until money has exchanged hands or work has begun. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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