Commercial General Contractors

Commercial General Contractors

Commercial Construction

Our commercial construction division has years of experience in working on large construction sites. Whether you’re building a school, senior living center or an apartment complex, Priority Restoration is fully staffed to handle any job from 1 to 3000 squares. We are OSHA certified so you don’t need to worry about violations or compliance issues.

In-House Project Managers

Priority Restoration is unique in that all of our project managers work for Priority Restoration. We do not need to outsource or hire project managers from another contracting company. This means that our project managers make your project their priority and will work hard to ensure that every project gets completed safely, on time, and within budget.

We are also constantly training our employees on new products and treat them like family. This constant training and attention to our employees well-being means that we can depend on the same great workmanship for every project.