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Add curb appeal and value to your Colorado homes by proactively ensuring your roof is in quality condition. Contact Priority Restoration today!

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Residential Roofing — Colorado

As a homeowner, it is important to keep your home in good condition. This includes regularly checking the condition of your roof. Roof repairs may not be the first restoration project that comes to mind; however, your roof is your first line of defense against extreme weather conditions. If your roof becomes damaged, your entire structure may be at risk.

It is better to remain proactive in maintaining your roof, instead of waiting for a potential disaster that can damage your possessions or threaten your family’s safety.

Roofing Services for Your Home

At Priority Restoration, we are a team of professional roofers who provide a wide range of residential roofing services. For those in need of total home roofing, our roofing systems come in a multitude of different types and designs. We have experience installing a variety of different roofing systems across Colorado, including asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, stone-coated steel, standing seam metal, and all types of flat roofing systems. 

Additionally, our installers carry certifications from various established manufacturers. Our company focuses on the craftsmanship of our installation process, allowing us to deliver exceptional quality. We are known for providing Colorado homeowners with roofing solutions that best fit their needs, increase their curb appeal, and stay within budget. Contact Priority Restoration today to maximize the longevity of your roof!

Hail Resistant Technology Has Arrived

Protect your home with hail resistant shingles. Learn more today.

Make Your House Hail Resistant Today!

Storm Restoration

Priority Restoration offers professional storm restoration services for Colorado communities, including repairing hail damage, winter storm damage, and other types of damage. We understand that the time after a catastrophic storm can be an emotional one. At Priority, our highly skilled project managers will guide you through the insurance process with professionalism, care, and compassion.

Storm Restoration Services


Priority Restoration can install just about any siding project on the market, such as James Hardie and Certain-Teed. Our project managers can help you choose the best siding products for your property’s protection and curb appeal. Some of these products provide the look of wood while others have a more modern, smooth look to them. Whatever your needs, Priority Restoration can help.

Siding Services


Priority Restoration offers gutters of many shapes, sizes, and materials for residential projects, including steel, aluminum, and copper. Our installation teams are especially experienced in installing gutters with baked enamel coatings which eliminate the need for painting. If you are experiencing problems with your gutters, call us today and we will send one of our skilled technicians to come give you a free assessment.

Gutter Services

Stucco and Stone

 Whether you want a high-quality stone veneer or a more polished exterior, Priority Restoration can help you choose the right stucco system for your homes or apartment complexes. We provide the best possible solutions for stucco or stone projects, taking care to ensure the projects will be timely, cost-efficient, and based on your specific needs.

Stucco & Stone Services


We provide quality paint services for different residential neighborhoods and communities all throughout Colorado. Priority Restoration puts emphasis on curb appeal, great quality, and customer service through our work. We will make your house look great with whatever paint you choose. We also ensure a perfect seal to maximize paint life. Give us a call today!

Painting Services

Custom Home Renovation

Whether your home requires major restorations, minor tweaks, custom renovations, or you want a custom home built, Priority Restoration is there for you. We serve many different communities within Colorado, offering a wide variety of different services and options to help beautify your home. Become one step closer towards your dream home and give us a call today!

Custom Services

Warning Signs of a Damaged Roof

Signs Your Roof Needs Immediate Repair

Keep an eye out for the following signs, as they may mean that your roof needs immediate repair:

  • Loose Shingles
  • Exceptionally light or dark spots on your shingles
  • Hail damage to shingles
  • Water stains on the ceilings or walls
  • Standing water in the gutters
  • Water stains around skylights (How old are your skylights? Those may need to be replaced as well!)
  • Rotting wood around the fascia and soffit (The edges and overhang of your roof)
  • The smell or presence of mold and/or mildew in your attic
  • Spots that appear on your ceiling, whether or not they are leaking or dripping water
  • Exceptionally high heating or air conditioning bills

If you notice any of these red flags, or if you want to ensure that these issues won’t happen to you, please contact us today.

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