Colorado winter is around the corner and we are ready so bring it on! But, are we prepared? Have you spent a little time thinking about protecting your home so winter does minimal damage? Then, what about possible gaps, or cracks that can drive up fuel costs? If you suspect anything now, best prepare for the worst and take care of issues while they are manageable. So think cozy and keep your heating bills at an affordable level.

Weather For Winter

Your doors welcome more than guests. Check for cold air leaks with a laser infrared thermal gun. You can seal a drafty door with foam or felt weatherstripping. Inquire at your local hardware store for the best products and they can help with instructions. Another quick fix is a door sweep which is a flexible piece of rubber installed on the lower edge of an exterior door. This is usually held in place by an aluminum strip.

Attic Air Leaks

Some of your precious heat can be escaping from your attic. You will want to call in a professional to check this for you because air escaping from the attic or roof system can cause ice to form under the weight of snow. You can check interior attic vents stacks, ducts or chimneys and seal any small gaps from the inside with caulk or expanding foam. Have your professional check the insulation. That is something that protects you from cold or heat so it is important that your attic insulation be appropriate for your weather zone and sealing tight.

If by chance you are advised to replace your insulation know that the monetary payback amounts to huge savings in overall return in winter or summer heating and cooling bills.

Update Your Thermostat

We can all enjoy fuel savings by simply setting the thermostat manually to one temperature and leaving it. It is more cost-effective to put on a sweater rather than raising the heat. If you decide to upgrade to a new thermostat consider a programmable one. They can save up to $180 a year on fuel costs, according to EnergyStar. It saves fuel by automatically lowering (or raising) your home’s temperature while you’re away to keep temperatures consistent.

Keep an Eye on Your Roof

These tips are just small ways to help you save money in the long run. Rather than waiting for a disaster to happen that could potentially damage your possessions or endanger your family or business, such as a storm uprooting loose shingles or worse, you can be proactive in keeping an eye on the condition of your roof from both inside and outside. Your roof is your first line of defense against bad weather and Priority Restoration is committed to helping you protect your home with a wide variety of different roofing systems, including asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, stone coated steel, standing seam metal, and all types of flat roofing systems. Whichever roofing system best fits your needs, we ensure that will stick to your budget while delivering exceptional quality.