With hail season ahead, it is time to start thinking about what measures to take to prepare for it. For decades now, the Colorado hail season has caused millions of dollars in damage to commercial and residential buildings. It is unfortunate that in the past technologies were not readily available for full protection to yours or your neighbors’ residence.

Thanks to revolutionary F-wave roofing shingles thinking about damage to your roof is a problem we can put behind us. F-Wave REVIA™ shingles are the ideal choice for people living in harsh weather climate conditions. The stats boast that they are 2.5 times stronger than your leading asphalt shingles and contain no granules or asphalt, which means they will never become brittle. Unlike traditional shingles, F-Wave REVIA™ shingles are far more preferable due to their hard resilience against the elements. They have been time and time again proven to sustain strength and durability against hail storms and other weather events that could cause damage to your roof.

Common Shingles

Common shingles contain asphalt, which wears over time and can cause the shingle to become brittle and unstable. Once the asphalt becomes worn the granules begin to shed under harsh weather conditions. Misplaced nails can cause asphalt and wood shingles to become unstable during high winds leading to more damage to the property a roof is meant to protect. Tile roofing easily cracks especially in environments where hail storms are frequent, and can cause further damage exposing the roofs underlying materials to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Neither options offer strong, dependable resistance to hail.

Why Are F-Wave REVIA™ Shingles Better?

F-Wave REVIA™ are the top innovators in the industry and have quite literally taken roofing products by storm. F-Wave REVIA™ shingles sustain their strength from the superior engineered materials contained for ultimate sustainability. These shingles are Class-A fire rated, Class 4 hail rated, and 130 mph wind rated, and come in four different variants that give your home maximum curb appeal. Now that is impressive! And consider the potential insurance savings and increased home value.

So through any extreme weather event, you are in the clear if you choose REVIA™ as your brand of choice for your next roofing project! Consider choosing real tough protection for your home investment. Contact us today to help make your house hail resistant!