Every homeowner dreads the possibility of rain leaking inside the home from the roof. It requires immediate action, and either it stops raining or you fix it, because it will not get better on its own. By the time you actually notice the leak, some damage has already taken place, but it is fixable, and if you act quickly you can manage the cost factor or prevent it from getting worse.

Roof leaks are signs of a larger problem, and carry the probability of structural erosion if unaddressed. Regular inspections are your best defense against a leaking roof. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends inspecting your roof twice a year, but time gets away from most homeowners and if not for a hail storm, or a leak, roof maintenance is quickly forgotten.

Don’t Do It Yourself!

We know you might be tempted to seek and repair but think again. You do not really know where the leaking is originating from and you don’t know how to locate the damage. You might think that all it takes is a ladder and an inspection, but leave repairing it to the professionals. And there are some pretty valid reasons why.

You can actually spend more money if you attempt to fix a roof leak on your own. Purchasing supplies are not the only cost factor, a misstep can put you in the middle of a weak spot on the roof, that could be dangerous. What about buying all the supplies needed, nails and shingles, but getting caught in the middle of a project that doesn’t really work, will have you calling “Help” to your local roofing specialist. Some DIY projects are just not worth it!

Leaking Roof Insured?

Most homeowners’ policies cover repairs and or, replacement if the damage is an act of nature, so be sure you do not cause further damage by attempting the work yourself. Also, your roof escapade might possibly damage some roofing shingles and void the warranty on them. Protect your homeowner’s policy rules by at least conferring with your agent. DIY repairs can also cause personal injury, and that might be a valid reason to leave the repairs or replacement in the hands of a local professional.

Not Enough Experience

Roofing specialists have the skill and knowledge to makes things right. They make replacing a roof look doable, but even an online tutorial cannot give you the years of experience your roofing specialists have under their belt. The price to pay here is shoddy workmanship that could possibly result in a bungled attempt at repair. Occasionally a job might take an expert a couple of days might prolong the DIY project a few weeks or weekends. That relates to more damage, higher expenses and the inconveniences of having to now finish the work that was started.

At Priority Restoration we understand your home is many things – a sanctuary, a castle and an investment. You have likely invested time, money and effort to make your home as beautiful and comfortable as possible. When your home is damaged, be it the roof or anything else, the last thing you want to do is deal with the consequences of second-rate work. So, call the professionals to discuss whichever roofing system best fits your needs. We ensure that we will stay within your budget while delivering exceptional quality workmanship to your Colorado home!