Need a roof inspection or repairs? Roofing companies impacted by COVID-19 have taken strict precautionary measures to continue to serve their customers. This pandemic has affected every industry and each and every industry has responded to alter their mode of operation. So, if a homeowner is wondering if they can get that roof inspected or replaced during pandemic, the answer is a solid YES!

The roofing industry falls under essential services as it is critical to keep residential and commercial buildings weathertight and safe. Roofs protect your home from outside elements and it is important for homeowners to keep a roof in top notch condition. If left unaddressed a roof problem can worsen and cause other serious, costly problems such as leaks, water damage, or mold. So, any repairs needed should never be delayed or postponed.

Safety Protocols In Place For Roof Inspections or Repairs

If you need an inspection or a new roof you are most likely concerned about the pandemic. Using precautionary measures, you would need to know if the roofing contractor you use is following strict guidelines. Not only should you be concerned with payment options but you might want to know if they are disinfecting tools, equipment and vehicles. The good thing is that most work can be completed outside the residence in a no contact situation.


Start to finish process involving estimates, interview, choosing shingles, and all digital contract and payments, ALL can be safely accomplished with absolutely no contact. Priority Restoration in Centennial Colorado, has effectively been able to accomplish no-contact services. That means they can inspect the home and/or business’s roof, siding, gutters, etc. without requiring any contact. The safety and health of every customer is their highest priority. Right now, 100% of the project from start to finish can be completed without coming within 6 feet of any of any customer. Everything can be done virtually, from electronic contracts to web-based sample shopping.

Digital Everything!

Fun way to begin is to go to the website and access their shingle visualizer tool. This tool allows a QuickView to upload a photo and instantly see Atlas shingles on your home. That gives you an idea right away for color and provides many options to design and update by exploring their sample homes. The GAF home remodeler tool has an exciting feature to design your roof your way. Explore and discover how to mix and match GAF shingle styles and colors along with siding, trim and doors to create the perfect look for your special home. What a great way to start shopping!

Taking a drive in your neighborhood also gives homeowners great ideas that might appeal to them. Another option is to request roofing samples by mail, making it easy to get a visual look and feel of the product .

Virtual Meeting

Telephone or Zoom conference can complete an initial meeting. The rest is digital. So, roofers can now safely accommodate the needs of their customers quickly, efficiently and safely. An added precaution is to ask your roofing contractor to text you before they arrive, this at least prepares you to know they are on site. Any questions about the progress can be safely handled by phone or text too.

Don’t let this pandemic delay a roof inspection, repairs or replacement. Getting a new roof is exciting and with all of these precautions in place the best time to do it might be now!