Just glance out your window Colorado residents, and you know why roof inspections are so necessary in and around Denver area. Buckle up, we are riding the Polar Vortex train….Icy cold snaps and snowfall are a part of our winter weather. Good thing is we don’t have to stand outside as the days and weeks pass until springtime, but our roofs have no choice. A roof protects your home and weathers the harsh elements.

Roof Inspections: A First Line of Defense

Several insurance companies recommend having your commercial or residential roof inspected twice annually, in spring and fall. Inspections identify damage from a previous winter freeze or ice buildup. It’s a sound preventative measure. We all know about the notorious temperature fluctuations in Colorado, that along with ice build up can cause some damage to the shingles.

Some homeowners have a plan for heavy snow accumulation. Not only because it adds extra burden to the roof, but when freezing, areas around downspouts can possible freeze up. This can lead to additional structural concerns. If this has occurred during the winter months plan ahead for a spring free inspection.

How Old is The Roof?

A professional can easily spot weaknesses and give you a good plan of action to address any potential issues. Familiarize yourself with the age of your roof and the date it was last inspected. If winter weather has proven to be harsh at least the homeowner has something to refer to when scheduling the roof inspection.

Winter Runs Havoc on The Roof

Paying attention to your roof during the winter isn’t the easiest. But proactive roof care and maintenance will help you sleep a little better during the long and cold winter. A stable, trusted roofing contractor like Priority Restoration, will exceed your highest expectations for proper roof care during any season. A storm might have only damaged a few shingles on your roof. The shingles can be replaced without any further issues. Damage control completed.

If the damage affects a larger area of the roof you might decide the time has arrived to get your entire roof replaced. Depending on the amount of damage, age, and type of roof, a full roof replacement may be the best choice in this situation.

Don’t’ let the weather hold you hostage. Be proactive and know that addressing problems before they worsen is the best path to take control of your wallet. A professional roof inspection will carefully examine the flashing, look for damaged shingles, and any other problems that would lead to a costly repair. Of course, it will serve you well to schedule an inspection in advance of the time freezing temperatures kick in. Oh, and Colorado residents, be prepared for Hail season which follows right behind winter.