A damaged roof is not a healthy roof. It is storm season throughout the county and many states, including Colorado, are experiencing life changing weather events, fires and hail storms. To magnify the problem, building materials are in short supply. In a blog on the GAF website. Trent Cotney of Cotney Attorneys & Consultants shares insights into what contractors are concerned about as well as tips on how to successfully navigate the roofing industry in this new environment.

“According to Cotney, some of these shortages in roofing materials may have stemmed from shutdowns due to COVID-19 outbreaks (or, in the case of lumber sourced from Canada, border closures). He says contractors should follow the situation closely and expect to see issues continue throughout the summer.”

But if your roof is gone all of this information is meaningless and a blue tarp covering the damage, communicates the pain and loss to each individual family’s home.

A Healthy Roof

All of this directly points out to the importance of a healthy roof. The roofing system is probably the most important component that makes a building that has many parts for specific purposes, your home.

Given the many components that make up your home – each of them having a specific purpose – it can be hard to pinpoint which component is actually the most important. But the answer is far simpler than you may expect. Here’s why your roofing system is the most crucial part of a building that makes your home.

A Roof is a Visible Asset to Your Home

The roof is an extremely visible component. It contributed to attracting you initially, when you bought the home. Most roof structures complement the exterior with the right color and design. It is also an effective asset that is geared towards increasing your property’s overall value.

Provides Weather Protection

Without a roof, the home is no longer a shelter from weather conditions, sunlight, high winds or rainstorms. The roofing system provides entire home protection, walls, floors, furniture, appliances, everything you own that makes that house your home. That’s the reason every homeowner strives to take the necessary measures that ensures the roof remains in tip-top shape all year round.

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