This winter the weather in Denver has had many of us yearning for springtime. Dispel the cold weather renovation myths and dive in to implement your ideas now! Now is the perfect time to re-roof or re-model during winter.

Visualize some of these magnificent landscape ideas aimed towards a family fun backyard, plan the landscaping and build your ideas around it. Remember winter is not only for snow fights, it is a great time to plan and start making your dream come true.

Roofers and Contractors Work During Winter

May people offer concern for building during a Colorado winter. The elements, cold temperatures and snow, can make building a bit more difficult. In the Front Range, like the Denver metro area, we usually can roof and build without too many weather delays. The mountain areas are a little different as for more frequent delay, but it makes a lot of sense to have your dreams for springtime revolve around the winter months.

As a long time Denver roofing company we have several techniques for doing work with frozen ground and cold temperatures. So, we at Priority Restoration are very knowledgeable in controlling the elements to complete your home project.

Perks Doing Roofing or Remodel in Denver

The first perk is time availability for the project. It is a great time of year to meet with your chosen roofer and contractor to discuss and plan the next major investment in your home or business.

Often you can possibly find deals or discounts on services and even if your contractor is not advertising any seasonal discounts, you may still be able negotiate on the final price, down payment, or other terms. And, the winter months make it quicker and easier to get whatever permits are needed to begin the project. The local permit offices are not in an overwhelmed state and processing can cut permit wait time in half.

As our weather is known to be always changing, warm, sunny with a chance of snow, do not let the time of year or weather be a major deciding factor for when to upgrade your home. You may think you have to put off home improvement projects for warmer months, but winter is actually ideal. There may obstacles to be address during time of colder temperatures, but it’s a good idea to consult with us to review whether the outdoor project can proceed, and be completed, during the winter months. Contact us today, let’s talk!