If you own commercial buildings, you already know how important it is to ensure everything is in top shape. But have you recently considered the state of your roof? Your roof condition may be easy to ignore until a big storm rolls through, leaving you with damage and leaks.

Maintaining your commercial roof is essential to avoid coming across bigger problems in the future. In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about preventative commercial roof maintenance.

Four Tips for Maintaining the Integrity of Your Commercial Roof

1. Schedule Routine Inspections

Scheduling a regular roof inspection every Fall and Spring will ensure everything is in working order. Also, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected after a major storm to get on top of any possible damage that might have occurred. If you’re looking to schedule an inspection with roofing experts in the Denver area, contact Priority Restoration here.

2. Don’t Avoid Leaks

Leaks can occur due to blocked drains, downspouts, and clogged gutters. This can lead to standing water that can seep into your commercial building’s attic, wreaking havoc on your roof. As soon as you notice any signs of a leak, it’s important to schedule repairs immediately to avoid any further damage which can rack up costs quickly.

3. Keep Your Roof Clear of Debris

It may seem harmless to let debris like leaves, rocks, and branches pile up on your roof, but if left unchecked, these can quickly lead to roof damage. Debris can drag along your roof, damaging the roof coating, tiles, or other sensitive materials. Also, during a storm, debris can collect water, adding more weight to your roof, as well as promoting the growth of algae which can quickly lead to the deterioration of your roof. Be sure to keep your roof clear of any debris by scheduling an inspection with your contractor after any storms.

4. Regularly Check Equipment

It’s important to routinely check any equipment on your roof such as heating and cooling systems. A leaky AC unit can cause some serious damage to your roof if not taken care of quickly. Call your roofing contractor to schedule inspections and repairs for the units as needed – this will save you time, money, and headaches in the future.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

When it comes to maintaining the integrity and quality of your commercial roof, it really comes down to preventative maintenance. Staying on top of any possible issues and catching things early will allow you to avoid bigger problems and bigger costs in the future. Have more questions about commercial roofing maintenance? Get in touch with us here – we’d love to chat with you!