You probably don’t give much thought to your gutters, but they actually perform a pretty remarkable task. The function is to collect and channel large amounts of water. If left to flow freely, this water can do a lot of damage to your home and property. Gutters prevent foundation problems, preserve your siding, and keep the soil around your house stabilized, which protects your landscaping.

Problem is, in addition to collecting and diverting rainwater, gutter also catch leaves and other debris. Anything that gets onto your roof will likely flow into your gutters, creating the potential for clogs. Gutter clogs have a damming-effect, which causes leaks and creates the likelihood of damage to your home. Standing water can also be a breeding ground for mosquitos. In extreme cases, hard-packed leaves can even be a fire hazard.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution—clean your gutters! You should keep your gutters clean all year round, but spring and summer are the perfect times to give them a little extra attention.

Check Gutters For Damage

Colorado seasons are extreme. Over the fall and winter, your gutters may have faced snow, hail, sleet, wind, and rain. Now that the skies are clear and the days are warm look for signs of gutter damage such as dents, holes, and seam separation. Repair or replace segments that may no longer be doing their job. As with many home maintenance situations, neglecting gutters can lead to failure, which will cost you more money.

Spruce up the Look

Did you know you can change the color of your gutters? This can be an essential step in improving your home’s curb appeal. You may also find that your gutters need additional sprucing if you paint your home–particularly if you change the color of your home.

For most of us, our home is the most significant investment we will ever make. It is essential that we maintain and care for this investment. These tips are essential not just for resale, but also for maintaining value. A well-maintained home has a way of putting a spring in your step when you pull into the driveway.
So, drag out the ladder and take a close look at your entire gutter system. Even better, call a professional to evaluate it. Once your gutters are back to like-new condition, you’ll be glad you paid attention to them.