Winter arrived with a vengeance and ice and snow have buried your roof. But, you’re in the clear and earlier in the season had the roof inspected to check that your home isn’t vulnerable to leaks and the extra weight that comes with wintry precipitation. It’s essential that before the weather gets too cold and the snow begins to fall to have your roof inspected to guard against the wear, tears, and damage that snow and ice can inflict on the roof.

Once you are all clear, you are able to come up with a plan to prevent one of the significant dangers that winter can bring to your roof — ice dams.

Ice dams are accumulations of ice that form along the edge of your roof. These formations prevent snow melt from draining off the roof, causing water to leak into your home or business. Leaks can be responsible for damage to insulation inside your wall and attic space, your ceilings, and your walls.

Since even small leaks can cause substantial damage, it pays to make sure that you take important steps to prevent ice dams from forming.

Prevent Ice Dams

One of the most important preventative maintenance measures you can take before winter hits is to make sure your gutters are clean. As leaves and other debris collect water, they can cause the perfect conditions for ice dams.

Proper ventilation in your roof and soffits ensures that your attic stays cold so that you don’t have warm patches on the surface on your roof. These warm surfaces can cause ice to melt which can increase the chance of ice dams forming.

What’s Happening Inside The Attic?

Proper insulation, particularly on the attic floor, prevents warm air from penetrating the attic. It also prevents cold air from moving down into your home. The goal is to keep the eaves and roof the same temperature throughout the winter season.

Close up holes in your attic floor. We have already mentioned ventilation and insulation, but there may be areas under the insulation where air can escape. Plugging holes will make sure that the warm air stays where you most need it.

Shovel the Roof

It may be a difficult job but raking or shoveling snow off your roof before it freezes can help. If you can’t manage this job safely on your own, hire a professional company to keep your roof clear after heavy snowfall. If you determine that an ice dam has formed and you can’t clear it, professionals can steam it off.

Take care of issues that cause ice dams before the cold weather arrives. As a bonus, it will also minimize the amount of work you have to do once the snow starts falling. Making sure that your roof is in tip-top shape and ready for winter can protect one of your most valuable investments and keep your family warm and safe throughout the winter months.