Your roof protects one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make—your home. So when you need a new roof or repairs, you owe it to yourself to make sure that you’re hiring a reputable company. The company you choose should be one you trust will do a quality job for a fair price. While it may take a little time, doing your homework before engaging a roofing contractor is well worth it.

Here are ten steps that will help you be sure you’re making the right decision:

1. Ask Around: You likely know people who have had roofing work done. Ask them for recommendations. Friends and family, neighbors, insurance agents and others can all offer the names of companies with whom they’ve worked successfully in the past.

2. Check Reviews: While reading reviews is not a foolproof way to screen out unscrupulous contractors, agencies such as the Better Business Bureau offer information that can signal red flags. Many neighborhood associations now provide residents access to a local social media type platform where participants offer reviews and recommendations. These are valuable tools for getting referrals to quality contractors.

3. Resist High-Pressure Sales Techniques: We’ve all been the victim of relentless salespeople. Avoid making a decision based on the tactics used by aggressive agents. You should never feel like you’re being rushed into making a decision.

4. Go Local: Just because a company is national is not disqualifying. It is less risky, however, to turn to a contractor who is well established in your state and community.

5. Check Insurance and Licensing: A reputable company will not be put off when you request proof of Workman’s Compensation and liability insurance or for information on their safety records.

6. Be a Skeptic: Ask many questions and resist the temptation to default to the lowest price automatically. A rock bottom price may not necessarily offer the best value.

7. Avoid Door Knockers: Particularly after an area has been hit by bad weather, contractors who chase storms will hit the streets to offer their services. It is quite common for solicitors to offer deals that aren’t what they seem. Remember Priority Restoration specializes in exterior storm damage.

8. Read the Fine Print: Never sign a contract without giving it a thorough review. When possible have someone experienced in dealing with these type of agreements review the paperwork before you commit.

9. Get It in Writing: A handshake deal is a nice concept, but it may not hold up if you have a problem. Be sure to get all the terms of your replacement or repair in writing. Be sure that you get a guarantee on all work and materials.

10. Don’t Pay Up Front: Never pay for the entire job before the work is done.

No matter what roofing contractor you choose, take your time, ask questions, and expect a guarantee. Of course, if you select Priority Restoration, Inc. you can be sure that all the checkboxes are ticked. Our Priority Promise is that you’ll be 100% satisfied every time. We never require deposits until there is material on the job and work has commenced. Until then our customer owes us nothing. Next, we strive for perfection. If our customer is not 100% happy with their project, one of our owners will handle the issue personally. There will never be a gatekeeper preventing our customer from getting matters resolved immediately and effectively.
We make good on our promises and the company’s owners personally guarantee your satisfaction.