Choosing an exterior paint color is one of the most difficult decisions you can make for your home. The hue you choose should be something that you’ll love coming home to, day after day – but it also needs to be something that will appeal to buyers, should you choose to sell.

Why is it so important to get it right the first time?

An exterior paint job can be much more time-consuming and costly than simply painting a room inside your house. It’s a job that’s expected to last for years – but choose the wrong shade or hire the wrong contractor, and you could be setting yourself up for a pricey do-over

Just The Right Hue

When choosing a color for your home, it’s best to start as simple as possible. Before you pick an actual hue, determine if you want a light, mid-tone, or dark shade for your exterior. Consider other features on and around your home, such as roof and landscaping, and think about how the shade you choose will interact with them. For example, if your home is half brick, you may want to choose a lighter shade for better contrast.

Consider Architectural Style

Do you have a classic center hall colonial? A mid-century ranch? While a Queen Anne Victorian can get away with whimsical colors and fun hues, a pink split-level might look rather jarring. Take a spin around Pinterest and search for images of your style home for color inspiration, or look for a paint line that offers colors geared toward specific types of homes.

A Variety of Options

You may think you want a Colonial Blue exterior, but don’t settle without looking at a few options first. Remember: Just because something looks great on a paint chip in the store, it doesn’t mean it will work on your home. Colors often look drastically different in natural light than they do under the shop’s fluorescent bulbs. Pick up several color chips from the same family to see which hue really looks best on your home – and once you’ve narrowed it down, consider getting a quart of your favorite color so you can do a test run.

Most paint stores have sample colors they can mix and sell you. What a difference can be made by rolling a sample no the exterior of your house. The light makes so many shades appear different when you can review them this way.

Trim and Accent Colors

First off we’d like to suggest that less is more. If the home has a lot of architectural details on the outside such as shutters, columns, changes in roof angles, don’t paint each one a different color. Try to stick with one main body color and one accent color so all of the beautiful detailing can really stand out. We recommend choosing an accent color that contrasts your main color. For example, if you’re main color is dark, make your accents white or another light hue. It’s usually a safe bet to choose your accent color off of the same color strip as your main color, so you know they have the same undertones.

Exterior Paint-Get Started!

Once you have your colors picked out, are you going to paint your home yourself? Most people choose to hire a pro, because they want to know that this important job is getting done right the first time. Our tips?

• Ask your friends for referrals
• Ask for credentials
• Make your expectations clear up front
• Narrow down the field and request quotes from a few different vendors
• Once you’ve chosen a contractor, get a SIGNED AGREEMENT (and a satisfaction guarantee!)

At Priority Restoration, We provide top-of-the-line painting services to both residential and commercial customers. Priority Restoration puts emphasis on quality and customer service and will make your home or commercial property look great – with whatever paint you choose. Reach out today to learn more!