The exterior of your home is the first impression and lends curb appeal to your residence. To keep up with your home’s appearance, or maintenance of the material, sometimes it is necessary to repair or replace your exterior. Follow along for a crash course on some new exciting exterior solutions.

Is Stucco Right for You?

Stucco has been a common solution for home siding for well over a century and has more utility than some would think. Stucco is an especially appealing material for home use because of its ability to protect your home from the elements. For example, a one-inch layer of stucco has the ability to protect your walls from a fire for at least one hour. This is called a one-hour firewall rating. Did you know that stucco has the ability to protect your home from fire spreading from one wall to the other? This is a great feature for multi-family homes or condos in close range to each other.

Stucco also provides protection from moisture in the air allowing your home’s structure to maintain its strength through high-moisture months. Thankfully, stucco is a lasting home material that keeps its durability for up to 50 years, as long as continued care is applied. So what exactly is stucco? Stucco is a mixture of sand cement-based materials combined with water to form an easily-applied plaster. Its ability to turn a boring concrete masonry wall into a wall of texture combined with curb appeal is what draws most people to stucco. Depending on the technique that is used to apply the material, a stucco wall can look textured, swirled, or basically smooth. With versatility like that, stucco has remained one of the popular options for home exterior. Click here to learn more about our stucco and stone services!

Stone Veneer System

A stone veneer system is an easier alternative than natural stone and can be applied to many different surfaces. Stone veneer is also more cost-effective and can add curb appeal, unlike any other material, giving your home a natural decadent look. There are different layers to a stone veneer system that gives it its special ability to protect your home’s structure and strength. The first two layers of the stone veneer are water-resistive barriers designed to prevent water from impacting your home’s structure. A weep screed is added for extra measure against the elements.

Other layers provide protection to both your home and the actual stone veneer system to give it a high durability rating. The look of the stone provides your home with a very authentic look and is available in many different colors and patterns, making it an easy choice for most homeowners. Unlike stucco, stone veneers do not require harsh chemicals in order to remove debris and dirt, which may cause permanent damage to the look of the stones causing them to stain. Lightly brushing and rinsing with water is the only recommended requirement to take care of your stone veneer system. Many homeowners are choosing to add a stone veneer system to their home to add a touch of class and to make their exterior more fashionable. Is a stone veneer system right for you?

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