This month Spring arrives and if you live in Colorado, you might be looking ahead to calmer weather. Winter can be fierce and affect the exterior of the home and roofing system. It is with this in mind that first signs of spring weather should encourage every homeowner to inspect the roof for any hidden damage. With the right steps you can ensure the longevity of the shingles and integrity of the roof. So, where to start and exactly what items are included in a roof maintenance checklist?


It might be a good time to clean debris from the gutters. With snow melting and months of wet weather, it’s perfect to make sure the gutters are protecting the home. Clogged gutters can also affect the foundation and so it is essential to make sure they are in tip top condition. It can be messy work so having them professionally inspected might be a good idea.

In one of our blogs, we discussed the importance of the oft neglected gutter. They play a huge role in structure protection. Look for signs of damaged gutters with one of the most obvious, water damage in and around your home. If you find your gutters not properly flowing water away from the house, then it may be time to inspect more closely.


Next on the checklist are trees surrounding the home. If you are consistently picking up lots of tree limbs and debris it might be time to cut back some limbs so they are not directly over the roof. As you rake the yard look for signs of shingles that may have been broken or dislodged during the winter months. Stray, overhanging limbs can be a sure ticket to roof damage during any severe weather event, winter or summer.


If you have a chimney, its time to pay close attention to any debris in and around, that can cause damage. Inspecting the chimney structure is a good idea to see if any cracks have appeared and the flashing is in good shape. This is definitely an important check on the checklist as it is as susceptible to damage as is the rest of the roof. Country Living published a concise article on reasons why keeping a chimney in good working order can avoid costly and dangerous problems in the future. So, definitely on the spring-cleaning maintenance checklist.

Wash the Roof

It’s is not necessary to power clean every roof, a garden hose might suffice for most homeowners. Snow has carried along with it dirt and grime and a wash is a good idea. You can tell if any singles are loose at this time. If the roof shows signs of mildew it is a great idea to have it professionally power washed, they know how to treat it to avoid any further damage. They can also determine if there are any hidden signs that will need repair by Priority Restoration specialists.

Schedule an inspection today to relieve any anguish over the impact of damage after winter passes. Our roofing experts can set your mind at ease and take the guesswork as to whether or not it’s time to repair or replace your roof.

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