Do you own a historical or an older home in Denver, Colorado that is in need of a new roof? In an article, “Interesting Historical Architecture in Denver” By Eva Miranda | Rocky Mountain Chapter Secretary says, “The city that is now Denver resulted from people rushing to the state for gold. Before Denver, there was Auraria, and before Auraria, there were grazing cattle. As a result of a fast-growing settlement, matching buildings were not planned, and architectural styles were not consistent across the city, let alone across the street.”

Historic or Older Home Designs

The Historical Resources of Downtown Denver is a “multiple property submission that provides a historical context for evaluating the significance of historic resources associated with the commercial development of Denver’s Central Business District during the period 1880-1973. The oldest identified historic building in the area dates to 1880. The historical context extends from that year to 1973, when events impacting the local economy resulted in a new era of development.”

There is a design review for roofing that is governed by the Denver government office for Landmark Preservation. This office “reviews applications for reroofing projects on all individual landmarks and properties within a historic district to ensure consistency with the appropriate design standards and guidelines.”

Their website provides in depth information and the option to determine if the guidelines for which design standards and guidelines exist and determines which you should follow. If you are unsure about whether your project is in a historic district, check the landmark and historic districts map. Be aware that In certain neighborhoods and historic districts, additional customized design guidelines may apply.

Fact is, that not every old building in Denver has true historical significance but many older homes try to keep the value up by maintaining a look and feel that lends itself to their unique architectural design.

Make Sure The Roof Chosen Enhances The Property

The roof is the most important part of every type of building. A roof that “does not work” can make a beautiful home look quite ordinary. Roofs protect the investment of every building but should also reflect its architectural beauty

The main goal when preparing to repair or replace the roof on any historical or older home is to find a more durable roofing solution than the original, with the intent to preserve your home with more modern version of the materials originally used.

With this in mind, it is important that your roof be repaired or replaced by experts such as Priority Restoration in Denver. You want the roof to highlight its beauty and become a masterpiece of architecture. So, what steps should be taken to make sure the finished product will not ruin the splendor of the home.

A historic roof repair or replacement in Colorado takes some research. Once a roofing assessment is complete, Priority Restoration will probably have to consult with both architects and historians who have a good knowledge of the roofing materials needed. In depth research may go further by reviewing the house plans, pictures, building details, and background information from previous owners to stay true to the roof initial stylized look.

We strive for not just historical accuracy but to maintain a safe and reliable option of roofing materials. There will be many factors involved in the choice of materials that should be used, and that’s why it is important to engage the services of an expert company such as Priority Restoration. We pay tremendous attention to repairing or restoring the roofs of buildings that are historically, architecturally, and culturally significant not only to Denver, but any Colorado community.