When thinking about getting a new roof, it’s hard to visualize how your home will look with new color shingles installed. It might be a project you’ve put off long enough, but plan to move forward and have a roof replacement completed after the new year.

A whole house refresh is in the works…new roof and paint will really perk up the old homestead, but picking a style and color is not easy because it is such a permanent transformation. Selection of shingles never got easier though as the major roofing companies have taken the guesswork out selecting and then purchasing what will work best for you.

“What is the most popular shingles color this year?” you ask. Ongoing from past years the favorites continue to be black. light and dark grey. light and dark brown. These shades are compatible with most exterior color choices and home styles. The Roofers Guild goes farther by providing home color pallets to get started with.

Use These Virtual Tools To Design Your New Roof

Visualizer apps for shingles are available through the major shingle manufacturer companies such as Atlas and GAF have taken the guesswork out of this decision. Priority Restoration Inc offers links to these visualizers on their website, and they are such fun to use.

Atlas Shingles provides lots of inspiration, “Simply snap a photo with your tablet and see how Atlas roofing shingles would look on your home, or snap a close-up shot of your siding, brick or trim for a comparison. After you adjust for position and size, you can select your style and then swipe to see the many available shingle colors.

Atlas offers three fantastic tools to help you design the roof you want. Upload a photo of your home and swipe to see what different shingles would look like in RoofSwap. Or explore our wide variety of styles, features and products with the Visual Product Selector. Really want to play? Design a whole new look with Roof & Home Design Studio.”

Using these virtual tools online or on your phone, makes it so easy to customize the entire house, shingles, masonry, brick, siding or trim. All these options are readily available at your fingertips.

GAF also provides an easy way to customize your home exterior. All you have to do is upload a street view image to start the project. GAF suggests that “Classic Black. Black shingles are trending, as a result of the ongoing popularity of the modern farmhouse look and the increasing accessibility and the increasing accessibility of solar shingles.”

GAF suggests, “More and more homeowners are getting interested in home design and style. Your shingle colors play a big role in how your home presents and its curb appeal. Shingle color choice can potentially impact your home’s resale value, future home renovations decisions, and even your personal happiness.” From this you can sense the importance of making the right decisions.

So, if you are snowed in and thinking about updating the exterior of your home, you can dream about it while you’re sitting cozy alongside the fireplace. Check out the Priority Restoration Inc website to dream, compare, visualize, plan and decide, it never got easier or more efficient. These visualizers are fantastic tools that takes the guesswork out of your dreams and once the decision for the new look is made you can download a photo and share it.