*updated from article published by Priority Restoration Dec 6, 2020 for the Free Roof Program

Are you puzzled over ways to give back to your community?

In a blog published by Score they unlock unique ideas from business leaders and small business owners about the ways their company gives back to the community. “Financially speaking, 75% of small business owners donate an average of 6% of their profits to charitable organizations annually.”

Businesses can develop a powerful effect on their community that becomes a long-term connection to their customers. Life has been difficult for some families, and they have had to face many challenges, some faring not so well. Giving back locally, has no set rules. It’s best that whatever charitable efforts are made they align with the company’s mission and values. It’s not the size of a donation that should be considered either, because every dollar and service counts for those in need, it is the fact that someone cares.

Most Employees Care About Giving Back

Engage employees and include their help in the charitable effort. Employees feel empowered when they can also share in someone else’s joy. If you are doing a giveaway, make it meaningful to others. It is amazing how many members of your surrounding community are in desperate need of donated goods, food, or services. Many meaningful local charities and non-profits are willing to accept whatever small offer can be made. All of it matters!

USA Today published an article on December 8,2021 discussing the extra incentive charitable donations make for this years tax. They say “Charitable giving during the holiday season this year takes on a new, happier meaning when it comes to tax deductions.”

Importance To Pay It Forward

Whether you support, provide, donate, or volunteer you can also be somewhat compensated through tax breaks. But we know that’s not specifically the reason we give, we give because it feels good! It benefits us in many other ways, more than you can count. Community support energizes marketing strategies, by publicizing or not your support, it benefits all involved. There are no set rules, it depends on what inspires you, what you can provide, and how much you can afford to give. The trick is to work towards the greater good, and if you try that you have already won.

From BZ Journals ~ “You give to charity for all the right personal reasons. It can also help from a business standpoint.” by Priority Restoration | Dec 6, 2020 | Free Roof Program | 0 comments